Tracking System

Eagle-i, an AVL  tracking system that brings your expectations to reality

Automating fleet with GPS vehicle tracking system is the best way to manage your vehicles/drivers. It puts you in control and helps you cut losses.

You will like Eagle-i because it is designed to be loved. It has a multi-lingual, very simple, user-friendly interface that could be operated by almost everyone regardless his qualification.

Operators like Al-Rajhi Group, International Builders like G-Cat, Sankyu Saudi Arabia, oil and gas contractor like Saipem, Mcdermott, Arabian Rockbit & Drilling, the Local branch of Halliburton, Amsyco, and Fugro-Suhaimi, all have chosen Eagle-i for a reason, Efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility.

Our Valued Customers


You love your money, Save it with Us!

Like you, We know that fleet management   is never easy. Thus Eagle-i is designed to force down all unnecessary expenses.

  • With Eagle-i, one person can manage the whole fleet overone ordinary PC. The system will do everything automatically.
  • Time is money.Quick deployment and re-deployment of your cars and heavy machinery is translated in more jobs done and more income earned. That is we call time- efficiency. Eagle-i is there to ensure your fleet becomes more efficient and responsive.
  • All large operators have already experienced their cars being stolen or abandoned. Just imagine: how much you lose before you get back your “lost” cars. Even if you get an insurance reimbursement, the time lost cannot be compensated. Eagle-i is a better insurance. It tells you in just a minute where your car is, who is onboard, allows you to shut down the engine, send immediate rescue, and put the car back in operation.
  • It is already proven that fleet automation saves between 7%-15% of the operational costs. Eagle-i makesyour money stay in your pocket.

Locate and Re-deploy :

The exact locations of all your cars are displayed on a digital map:those on the move, the idle ones, or those on the sleep. Basically you have a the right tool to determine the workflow of your fleet based on perfect real-time data.

Categorize to Simplify

Suppose you have different types of cars working in different branches or departments. No issue. Eagle-i categorizes all the cars according to the criteria of your choice: location, type, department, etc.

Driving Quality

Check your drivers behavior, over speed, excessive acceleration, harsh breaking, daily routes, kilometers driven,work hours,and rest hours

Optimize your Customer Service

  • find the nearest car to customer location and send it immediately. Check the route, time spent, arrival and departure time.
  • Secure the shipment by door-lock sensor. Tell the customer the actual location of the car and when it is expected to arrive.
  • Check how many customers are served by each car and why there are differences.

No more fighting with your drivers

Every fleet manager has experienced the controversies with the drivers over fuel consumption, car maintenance, accidents, work times, etc.

  • Eagle-i provides the ultimate resolution for all dispute. It calculates the work hours and distances driven and shows the actual consumption of fuel, the time and locations of re-fueling, the schedule of maintenance, including engine, breaks, battery checks and oil change. This tool gives a clear idea on the fleet operation costs and the related differences between cars and drivers.

Security and Safety

Eagle-i provides many ways to ensure the safety of your drivers and cars including:

  • Smart sensor to check the seat-belt fastened/unfastened,
  • Car door locked/unlocked ,
  • Container doors opening times and locations,
  • Panic button in case of accident
  • SMS/email alert in case of over speed
  • SMS/email alert in case of moving beyond the Geofence or out the determined route.
  • SMS/email alert in case of the car towed
  • Engine shut down remotely to prevent the car theft
  • In case of emergency, the system displays the closest company car to the one in need of help.
  • Temperature sensors to remotely check the shipment temperature (for the food shippers).
  • ID Key to identify the driver on-board in case the car is operated by different drivers.

Generally speaking: once your fleet is equipped with Eagle-i, every Riyal invested on the system will return back in terms of operational costs saving in less than a quarter.

You are smart enough to follow the smart way of modern business

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