Who needs a tracking system?

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Every one of us has the dream of the digital age, where everything can be worked out automatically. The new communication technologies have changed the life as never before. Faster workflow brought new challenges that require a strong and close control over the operations.

For those whose business depend on moving assets (cars, trucks, heavy equipment, leasing equipment such as generators and drilling machines etc..), it is high time to move to Auto-Fleet Management. This is a step exactly similar to replace the traditional paper works by the modern computerized accounting system.

The question is not whether you need automation or not, the right question is whether you want to eliminate unnecessary cost, enhance your business profitability or not.

Here is some example on how Eagle-i improves business performance:

Distributers and Shippers:

Real-time locating of your car allows to send/resend shipments to customers without delay. Sales executives can determine the route, the approximate time of arrival and departure, and the time needed to serve the other customers. Eagle-i enables you to determine which car would be free, where and when.

Digital maps help to choose the right customers to stop by while in the way to the others.

Leasing companies:

In 2014, an equipment leasing firm owner told us that he lost around SR300,000 on stolen or missing equipment. This was not a sheer loss, but also a decline in work. His equipments are hired for SR7000 each.

A similar situation was faced by a car dealer who had to hire a debt-collector to chase customers who stopped paying or changed their addresses or telephone numbers.

Both firms have agreed to install Eagle-i on trial basis. Mid-2015 the two decided to use Eagle-i on their whole assets. The reason was simple. In six month the first firm had zero missing or stolen equipment. The other was able to recover 95% of the cars whose buyers stopped paying.

With Eagle-i you can locate your cars in seconds. You can also identify all the places the car visited in the last 90 days.

Contractors and Maintenance Firms

Eagle-i allows the companies to locate its maintenance workers and sales representatives, sending support in case they need, or re-deploy them to serve other customers. This means a more efficient use of the paid worktime, especially in the locations that are hard to describe or lack appropriate road signs.

Schools and Children Transport

DMS has developed a special version of Eagle-i fleet management system purposely designed to address the safety requirements of the schools and children transportation.

Kids are automatically signed in and out of the bus, a notification is sent to the parent are notified few minutes before the bus arrives at the collection point, and when their kids get in and get out of the bus. They can also identify the bus route any time.

The system is also equipped with an advanced IP camera inside the bus to enhance the kids’ safety while onboard.

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