How to choose the right tracking system?

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There are various tracking systems in the market, each has a range of features. More features mean higher cost. The following ideas might help you to pick the right choice.

a. In the City or in the Desert:

GSM-based systems are generally cheaper and support more features. However, they are limited to the populated areas covered by the GSM networks. If your vehicles work in non-covered areas, then you need the satellite-based system.

DMS supplies both systems, in addition to a dual mode system, particularly designed for the vehicles that work frequently visit non-GSM areas. The dual system helps to collect all trips data in details while limits the cost of communication.

b. Car or Crane:

If you have a crane or other heavy vehicles that operate two engines, then you need a special function called Secondary Asset by which the system collects the data related to the main vehicle and crane separately. This function is very useful to the leasing firms that are paid on the basis of work hours. The system will tell you the exact duration of the crane operation (when and where).

c. Long or Short-Time leasing, Ordinary or Executive:

For the contractors who take cars on short-time basis, it is advisable to use OBDII tracking device. This is a plug-and-play device which does not require a specialized technician to have it installed, removed, and re-installed.

The same device is advisable for the high-end executive cars.

d. Strict about Safety Rules?

Some firms are concerned with the movement control, others are stricter on safety and security rules. If you identify yourself with the first group, then think of the system competence in: route management, geofence types, trip reporting, out-of-the work hours driving.

If you are more concerned with the safety and security, then think of: driver ID Key, seat-belt sensor, door sensor, remote engine shut-down, green driving, authorized driving, driving quality scoring.

Eagle-i supports all the above functions, and much more.

e. Who Manage your Fleet:

Today’s electronic systems are complex. Some would require experienced engineers to make them fully operational. Alternatively, Eagle-i is a system rich in features while very easy to use. Its multi-lingual, user friendly, well-organized interface make it easy to use by almost anyone with basic knowledge on PC and internet.

f. After Sale Support:

It is a recurring symptom in the market: Any system will have some interruptions. Unfortunately, many suppliers stop showing up once they received their money. You call them and you get a machine rather than a person answering your call. You may spend your full day chasing your supplier and get nothing. Others will impose maintenance charges higher than the cost of the system itself. And, as you know, they always have an excuse.

This is a fact in the market. Thus you need to check very carefully with whom you are dealing. It is advisable to call the others who already used the system before you consider it.

DMS is proud of a very bright record in after-sale support. Our qualified team is ready to response 24 hour a day. We promise to interfere within 24 hours. Most of our system failures can be fixed remotely. If not fixed, we are ready to attend at the customer’s site to address the failure. Our customer support officials, account manager, and technical manager are all available to help.

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