How much does tracking system cost?

By Digital myth solution | Post on April 20, 2019 Read Article in Arabic

Cost Breakdown

The tracking system cost is made of the following part:

  • The cost of the tracking device. We supply only European manufactured devices certified with EU standards. The cost ranges from SR450 to SR650.There are cheaper devices but not advisable in our harsh weather. There are also more expensive devices which support more features. Our examinations show that most of these features are not realistic or necessary.
  • Installation & configuration: the standard installation cost ranges SR125 to SR175
  • Monthly subscription in the tracking portal: ranges from SR35 to SR75 for the good systems, including technical support.
  • SIM card monthly charges range from SR22 to SR30.

The satellite-based system follows a different pricing model, slightly higher than the above. DMS special satellite-based tracking system, is low-cost while rich in features.

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