Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions

Telephone – The Digital Way

UCS – 901 Call Center

The modern call center is the smart alternative to traditional telephone exchanges. DMS offers a Unified Communication System «UCS – 901», a robust phoning unit built to handle all the functions required by a growing business firm.

Automatic attendance «AVR», call routing, call report, quality monitoring, call recording, fax – to – email, dashboard and on – screen direct text chatting, are just few of the 40 outstanding functions of UCS – 901 designed to make your experience more seamless.

UCS – 901 is designed with the provision for future expansion, both in house and distant offices. This covers all major parts from the method of connectivity, to data processing, streaming, and workflow.

The system features a user – friendly interface that is easy to understand and operate. What is more, like most of the systems offered by DMS, UCS – 901 is routinely updated and maintained remotely which means instant intervention in case of failure and constant modernization – helping you to stay ahead in your industry.

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