BRI VoIP Gateway TB200 & TB400

BRI VoIP Gateway TB200 & TB400

Yeastar TB200/400 is a compact and reliable standalone VoIP BRI gateway (BRI-VoIP/VoIP-BRI) offering 2 or 4 BRI ports for companies using ISDN BRI lines an easy, cost-effective and flexible integration into any VoIP system or enabling any IP PBX to be connected to the public ISDN network.

Smooth Communication

  • Programmable TE/NT modes for easy integration
  • ISDN PBX has access to VoIP network
  • Preserve investment on PBX infrastructure
  • Additional ISDN BRI trunking for IP-PBX
  • Cost savings on phone calls via VoIP
  • ISDN compliant and proven interoperability
Programmable NT/TE modes Type of connection: Point to Point, Point to Multipoint
Flexible number manipulation Least cost routing
SIP Registrar for IP phones Simple Web-based management
Trace and debug tools for diagnostics

Yeastar VoIP Gateways Demo on a live website. Login in as an administrator to experience the intuitive Web GUI and explore the powerful features of NeoGate.
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