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 Digital Myth Solutions becomes the Newest Distributor of Yealink IP Phone in Saudi Arabia territory.

Yealink, a professional IP phone manufacturer announced today that Digital Myth Solutions is now an authorized Saudi Arabia territory  distributor for Yealink’s entire product line. The business cooperation between the two companies is to further their shared mission of delivering valuable Yealink VoIP terminal equipment to Saudi Arabia  businesses and SMBs.

As a professional VoIP terminal equipment manufacturer, Yealink constantly focuses on delivering valuable IP products to extend the value of network communication. Yealink award-winning IP Phone series is equipped with TI chipset to ensure a better quality and high definition voice, and also embeds rich features including auto-provision, PoE, IPv6 and various value-added functions. Yealink IP Phone series benefits customers from its high quality, easy deployment, broad interoperability and attractive pricing.

Digital Myth Solutions

Digital Myth Solutions is an important long-term distributor to Yealink in  Saudi Arabia ,” said Stone Lu, vice president of Yealink. “Both of us now have a mutual commitment to offering Yealink valuable and effective IP Phone to the diversified customer groups in Saudi Arabia , allowing them to choose the suitable and cost-saving Yealink products to meet their communication needs.”

Based on this cooperation, Digital Myth Solutions( DMS )  and Yealink will be committed to delivering excellent IP phones that will help Saudi Arabia customers grow their business and remain ahead of the competition. By delivery Yealink IP Phone products, DMS will not only offer Saudi Arabia customers access to easily acquire Yealink IP Phone, but also affords them the opportunity to enjoy Yealink products from a local position and wrap them with efficient and professional technical services.

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Founded in 2001, Yealink, the Global Top3 SIP Phone Provider and a leading provider of VoIP Phone and IP communication solutions, has been focusing on VoIP products characterized by reliable quality, easy deployment and affordable price for over a decade. Today, customers from over 140 countries rely on Yealink as the backbone of global collaboration to extend the value of network communications. For more information, please visit:

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