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We Believe

Fleets are indispensable for the growth of economy

Inevitably the roads become safer with every vehicle embracing the fleet technology. We believe safer roads lead to create positive impact on the boom of economy.

To ensure the perks of economy expansion reaches all corners of country we at Eagle-IoT have developed an IoT based powerful, modern day full stack fleet management ecosystem catering the need of every stakeholder in the fleet economy.

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Solutions We Provide


Fleet Management

Eagle-IoT fleet management software gives you complete control over your fleet. Track behavioral trends and improvements over time. Identify high-consumption vehicles and allocate them based on their usage.

Asset Management

Effortlessly track and locate physical assets in real time to streamline asset management within your facility. Whether you are monitoring high-value equipment or managing valuable inventory, Eagle-IoT Asset Management Solution caters to the needs of all in real-time.

Video Telematics

Take Charge of Fleet Safety with Intelligent Video Telematics Solutions Powered by AI. Safeguard your fleet with dual-facing dash cam that offers road- and in-cabin visibility with ADAS and DSM capability, all within one plug-and-play device.