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Communication challenges

● The Changdao County Public Security Bureau reports regularly to the Yantai Municipal Public Security Bureau, but the frequent travel increases the “three public expenditures” (travel, food and entertainment, public vehicles), making it inconsistent with the aim for an honest corruption-free government.

● When an incident arises, and the city bureau’s guidance or direction is required, this could be only done via a phone call or if the municipal PSB sends someone over, thus leading to low administrative efficiency.

● Public Security agencies involve state secrets, and have high requirements for communication security.

● Funding for the county Public Security Bureau is limited and was not enough to afford expensive video conferencing solutions.

After implementation of Yealink video conferencing solution

● Face-to-face communication was implemented. Be it from Changdao County’s reporting to Yantai City, or the city;s giving guidance to the county, communication could be implemented locally, saving travel expenses and police resources.

● When an emergency or intractable case occurs, the city bureau could give remote guidance at once and improve the success rate for case investigation, and improve the public’s sense of security.

● The core technology and equipment in the Yealink video conferencing solution is developed and produced in-house. The data stream is processed through the hardware and is encrypted in multiple layers to ensure the security of state secrets.

● Advanced functions of Yealink’s video conferencing are all free, saving more than 50% in costs for Changdao County bureau. It is also seamlessly compatible with the city bureau’s Huawei conferencing system, and ensures that the city bureau doesn’t have to spend more than it already has.

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