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    Stories of Cloud Call Center Excellence

    So, what is Call Center?

    Call centers are centralized offices – or facilities- that are habitually purpose-built to handle phone calls for an organization. 
    They’re operated by phone representatives or “agents” who field calls for customer support and are often serviced as phone-based hubs for tele sales, telemarketing, after-sale support, and other customer services.

    Every SME Needs a Call Center Solution

    Our System is tightly integrated with call center and unified communications to put everything you need on a single, integrated system to impress your customer, empower your agents, and elevate your business.

    Practical Features:

    • Automatic Call Distribution.
    • Agent & Supervisor Portal.
    • Wallboard, SLA notification & rule.
    • Advanced queue reports.
    • Queue Callback.
    DMS Cloud Call Center


    • Improve inbound call center productivity
    • Real-time queue performance & statistics
    • Instantly control queue calls
    • Boost customer experience

    Beyond Just a Phone Sytem

    Omnichannel Messaging

    Provide customers more ways to get in touch with Whatsapp and SMS integration. Access and repond to messages from multiple channels in one place.

    CRM Integration

    Rich ready-made CRM/helpdesk integrations to automate repetitive tasks, keep a central record of customer interactions, and elevate agent productivity.

    Automated Call Distribution

    Take advantage of advanced automatic routing, 6 pre-defined ACD queueing (ringing) strategies, customizable IVR options, and more features that drive faster call resolution

    • Time-based Routing
    • Choice-based Routing with IVR
    • ACD Queuing
    • Simultaneous Call Distribution (Ring All)
    • Fixed-order Call Distribution (Linear)
    • Rotary Call Distribution (Rrmemory)

    Agent & Supervisor Portal

    Provide all the tools your agents and supervisors needed in one single interface.
    The dynamic streamlined Queue panel makes it easy for you to monitor queue traffic, check & switch agent status, and quickly conduct call operations like transfer, monitor, and parking – within drag & drop or a simple click.


    Wallboard & Queue Panel

    Queue panel

    Key Features

    A full-featured cloud PBX & UC solution that can support onsite, remote, and mobile workers

    • Click to Call
    • Call Popup
    • Call Journal
    • Contact Synchronization (CRM & PBX)
    • Automatic Contact Creation
    • Basic Ticketing System
    • Live Chat
    DMS Cloud Cal Center key features

    Yeastar Linkus for Google


    Manage your office calls easily and never miss a call with the chrome extension

    • Receive incoming call pop-up even when the browser is closed
    • Easy dialpad and PBX-integrated contact search & auto-matching
    • Web-based audio/video calls, call transfer, hold, mute, record, CTI, etc.
    • Click and dial phone numbers available on any web pages, including web-based CRMs
    • Notifications for new voicemails and missed calls
    • Switch Extension Presence to Available, Away, Do Not Disturb, etc.

    Softphone & Unified Communications

    Linkus is a unified communications app for Web browsers*, iPhone, Android phones, desktop & directly from the browser.


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