Education for the Future

Tomorrow’s future lies in today’s education. A bright tomorrow can only be achieved through the modernization of the education system, methods, and tools.

DMS offers a combination of futuristic solutions which brings a new and progressive dynamic to the body of the education and training sector.

Smart Board: Knowledge with Leisure

smart-boardKetab Technologies has developed this creative Smart Board system around the concepts of engagement & enrichment, transforming the school classroom into an active and digitally rich environment. Study topics and learning are enhanced through the intelligent use of the large variety of digital media available on the computer and internet, from text articles to photos, videos, audio, maps and charts.

With the concept of engagement, students get actively involved through discussions, comments, and quizzes, all of which capture their attention and are displayed live on the smart board. The Smart Board system transforms the dull and boring classroom into a lively gathering, bringing to life the coveted concept of“knowledge with leisure”.

DMS is an authorized reseller of all Ketab Tech products, ensuring it brings the dynamism and digitization of learning to your study environment.

Virtual Class

vertual-classVirtual Class is an online solution designed to free education from the constraints of the physical classroom environment. It coherently combines three sub – systems: A – Course Management System «CMS» B – Learning Management System «LMS» C – Virtual Learning Environment «VLE». Each of the three addresses a specific part of the learning process.

Traditionally, online training entails chat – room or video conferencing. Virtual Class elevates the idea higher than ever before by forming a complete school on the web. From enrollment and course registration, to one – on – one or group sessions, mentor – student meetings, attendance and absence controls, research support, periodical assessments and exams, student evaluations, parent – school relations, online reporting, and school management.

The system operates within a Google Apps collaboration environment that allows users «managers, teachers, students, parents» to utilize all the resources available on the internet 24 hours a day.

Virtual Class is rising as a global trend and is used by numerous universities, schools and training centers.

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